History of the CBBD

The CBBD is promoted since 1954. It is a consolidated event in the national scenario, being a privileged space for the presentation of experiences, practices and the diffusion of the technical scientific production related with the libraries, units of information, education and investigation, providing also opportunities for the fraternization and update of the professionals of the sector.
At present it is organized by the FEBAB, owner of the CBBD mark rights in alliance with one of the Associations-member.
Historical of the realization of the event


- Current Situation of the Brazilian reader and Professional Education
- Technical Processes
- Public Libraries and Childish Libraries and of Primary Schools
- Skilled Libraries
- Bibliographies, Associations Librarians and professional Legislation
Recife – PE July 18,  1954
- Relations between Editors, Booksellers and Librarians – Buildings of Libraries, Cooperation between Librarians and Architects Salvador – BA 1959
- Technical Processes
- Education of Librarianship and Documentation
- Profession of Librarian- Documentalist
- Bibliography and Documentation: Skilled Libraries
- Public Relations and Exchange
- Types of Libraries
- Association Movement of Class
Curitiba – PR 8 to 15 January 1961
- The Education through the Library Fortaleza – CE 7 to 14 July 1963
- The Library as the Factor of Progress São Paulo – SP 8 to 15 January 1967
- Professional Activities
- Planning and Installation
Belo Horizonte – MG 4 to 10 July 1971
- National System of Scientific and Technological Information Belém – PA 29 July to 4 August 1973
- Social Responsibility of the Libraries in the sector plan of the education Brasília – DF 20 to 25 July 1975
- Integration of the System of Information in the National Development
- Education Librarian
- Association Movement
Porto Alegre – RS 3 a 8 de julho de 1977
10º CBBD
- Brazilian Librarianship: critical evaluation and perspectives Curitiba – PR 22 to 27 July 1979
11º CBBD
- Library and Permanent Education João Pessoa – PB 17 to 22 January 1982
12º CBBD
- Information and National Development
- Culture, Communication, Science and Technology
- The Man, the Development
Camboriú – SC 23 to 29 October 1983
13º CBBD
- Information in the century. XXI: present lacks and perspectives – Information in a Democratic Society- Influence of the problematic economic in the habit of reading of the individual – The Professional Question: The Librarianship and the interface with other Professions Vitória – ES 14 to 19 July 1985
14º CBBD
- Library and Democratization of the Information Recife- PE 20 to 25 September 1987
15º CBBD
-  Information Management Rio de Janeiro – RJ 27 August to 1st September 1989
16º CBBD
- Library and Economic and Social Development Salvador – BA 22 to 27 September 1991
17º CBBD
- Transfer of Information in the Threshold of the Year 2000v Belo Horizonte – MG 10 to 15 April 1994
18º CBBD
- The Stages of the Librarianship in front of the Globalization of the Information São Luís – MA 20 to 25 July 1997
19º CBBD
- Information for the Citizenship and the Professional of the Information of the New Millennium Porto Alegre – RS 24 to 30 September 2000
20º CBBD
- Human Dimension, Economic Politics of the Information Fortaleza – CE 23 to 28 June 2002
21º CBBD
- Book, Reading and Libraries: exercise of the citizenship Curitiba – PR 17 to 22 July 2005
22º CBBD
- Equality and Diversity in the Access to the Information: of the Traditional Library to the Digital Library Brasilia, DF 08 to 11 July 2007
23º CBBD
- Networks of Knowledge, Access to the Information and Sustainable Management Bonito, MS 05 to 08 July 2009
24º CBBD
- Systems of Information, Multicultural and Social Inclusion Maceió-AL 07 to 10 August 2011
25º CBBD
- Libraries, Information, Users – Boarding of transformation for the Librarianship and Science of the Information Florianópolis-SC 7 to 10 July 2013