XXV CBBD  Schedule



8h30 – Beginning of workshops and simultaneous events

19h – Official Opening

Ingrid Parent -President of IFLA

José Castilho Marques Neto- PNLL Executive Secretary

20h30 – Official opening of the Fair and Exposition of Products and Services



During the morning – Simultaneous Events and Sessions Oral Presentation of Papers

14h – Speaker  1 – Stephen Abram  – Consultant of planning and management of Libraries/ Industry of the Information - SHIFT! Changing Leadership Strategies for Libraries/Change!

15h30 – Break

16h – Round Table: Libraries and Information Services: Application and usability of resources and Technologies of Information and Communication.

Speaker 1 – Gil Giardelli – ESPM/SP –Human collaboration, the collective intelligence and the education on the XXI century.

Speaker 2 - Bruce Crocco- OCLC – Managing for integration of library collections with the Web/Management of the Integration of collections of Libraries with the Web.

Speaker 3 – Carlos Cecconi- CGI - The Internet Management Committee in Brazil and Principles of Usage and Internet Governance.



Morning period – Simultaneous Events and Sessions to Present Oral Works

14h – Speaker 1 – Klaus Werner (Freie Universität Berlin) - The library and its place in the digital world: requirements for architecture and design/ The Library and its space in the digital world: requirements for architecture and design.

15h30 – Break

16h – Round Table: Metacompetencies and transcompetencies of librarians in the promotion of Information Services.

Speaker 1 –Regina Célia Baptista Belluzzo (UNESP) - Competencies: a new design & contemporary perspectives.

Speaker 2 –Lucy Green (Georgia University) – Communication in the 21st Century: How Librarians Promote Multi-Modal Literacy through Collaborative Conversations and Participatory Culture

Speaker 3 – Emir Suaiden (IBICT) - Beyond the garden: a vision about the mega challenges of the information professionals.



Morning period – Simultaneous Events & Sessions to Present Oral Works

14h – Speaker 3 – Marta Lígia Pomim Valentim (UNESP)-   Information and Knowledge Management in the Units and Information Services. (Master Class of Master to Professional of Management Information Units/UDESC)

15h30 – Break

16h – Round Table: Sustainable Development & Innovation in Libraries and Information Services

Speaker 1 – John Shank  (Penn State Berks College) - Re-imagining the role of the librarian as an educator in the digital era. (Via Google Hangouts).

Speaker 2 – Celia Regina Simonetti Barbalho (UFAM) – the Library and its ambiance rites.

Speaker 3 – Fernando Gabriel Gutiérrez – (Universidade Nacional de Lújan) – Libraries and librarians in the connectivity era: Mobile devices, ebooks and reading mobile applications.

17h30 – Closing Session