Simultaneous Events


Date Event Organization  Local  Hour
07/07 Workshop for leadership of the System CFB/CRB e FEBAB/_ Associations member (restricted) CFB/CRBs/FEBAB Room 10 8h30 – 16h30
07 to 10/07 III  Brazilian Forum of Public Libraries SNBP Room 1 July 7 8h30 – 16h30 July 8 to 10 8h30 -12h30
07 to 10/07 1º Librarianship Schools Forum   research and practice FEBAB/CBBE/GEBE/IASL Room 7 July 7 8h30 – 16h July 8 e& 9 8h30- 12h
08 & 09/7 VIII SNAC - National Seminary of Curricular Evaluation ABECIN Room 6 8h -12h
08 to 10/07 4° National Seminary of  Legal Documentation & Information   (SNDIJ) ADBF, GDIJ/SP, GDIJ/SC Auditorium  Court of Auditors SC 8h30 – 12h30
09/07 II Seminary of Information Competency  -   Scenarios & tendencies FEBAB/IBICT/UNB/UNESP Room 11  8h30-12h30
09/07 Seminary Ethic in Professions CFB Room 10 9h-12h
08/7 Meeting CBBU CBBU Room 13 9h30 – 12h30
08/7 Products & Services of IBICT IBICT Room 12 9h-12h30
09/7 Official Brazilian Publications IBICT Room 12 9h-12h30


Technical Meetings (Assemblies, etc)

Date Event Organization Local Hour
04/7 Plenary CFB (1ª session) – CFB Meeting Board & Committee CFB UNISUL
05/7 Plenary CFB (2ª session) Train of the CRBs CFB UNISUL e BU/UFSC
06/7 Assembly of the System CFB/CRBs CFB UNISUL
06/7 Assembly FEBAB FEBAB Centrosul 15h
08/7 Group of Studies Meeting on Collections Development  – Procurement CBBU/NA-BC-UFRGS Room13 14h
08/7 Gepcat Meeting - Group of  Studies and Research in Cataloguing Room 12 14h
09 & 10/7 Meeting CBBI – Brazilian Committee of Libraries  of the Professional and Scientific and technological Federal Education Network CBBI UNISUL. Rua Antônio Dib Mussi, 366 – Centro  9h-12h

Books Launching

Date Title Author/organization Editor
July 9 15h30 FEBAB Stand Information Competency: From reflections to learned lessons. Regina Célia Batista Belluzzo  e Glória George Férez THESAURUS/FEBAB