It is with satisfaction and pride that the Brazilian Federation of Associations of Librarians, Scientists of the Information and Institutions (FEBAB) and the Association Catarinense of Librarians (ACB), invites for the XXV BRAZILIAN CONGRESS OF LIBRARIANSHIP, DOCUMENTATION AND SCIENCE OF THE INFORMATION, whose host city will be Florianopolis, from 7 to 10th July 2013.

The central subject of the event will be: “Libraries, Information, Users – Transformation Approach for the Librarianship and Science of the Information” giving opportunity to the reflection and analysis around the scientific and technological advances and its impacts on the work of the professionals, of the sustainability of the libraries and units of information with a scientific program quite intense and updated.

Santa Catarina State is, according to the IBGE, the 11º more populated state of the country. One of its big charms is the multicultural character of the population, with influences of diverse ethnics groups: Natives, Azoreans, Germans, Poland’s, Russians, Ukrainians, Japanese, Austrians and other tens of ingredients that did the state a true cultural boiler.

Florianopolis colonized by the Portuguese coming from the Azores almost 300 years ago, with his village of speech sung, has a lot of pride of his history. The immigrants of this Portuguese archipelago brought to the city its rich and varied culture. The ancient tradition of the craftsmanship Azorean is represented in the braided of network, laces, upholstery of loom and in the preparation of mats, baskets and cages. The gastronomy of the city offers dishes cooked of fish, mollusks and crustaceans that enrich the culinary of the island and of the continent. In the dances, the most alive examples of this tradition are presents in the dance of stick of strip and other folk dances. In the architecture, the colonial mansions and the secular churches remit to the religiousness that accompanied to the Azorean village, and therefore the religious parties continue being one of the most expressive values of their culture. The literature, presents the cartoons, the Bread-by-God, the proverbs, the nursery rhymes and legends. Tradition and culture mark the life of the Florianopolis citizen.

The capital is one of the four destinations of Brazil more looked for to hold international events by the ranking of the International Association of Congresses and Conventions – and it was enormously transformed on the last decades.  Its recognized quality of life and its universities attracted inhabitants of all Brazil and of the world. In the 21st century, Florianopolis is consolidated as an important technological pole and of innovation. And on the high seasons of summer its beaches are very reached by tourists of several countries.

During four days, our aim will be by means of the realization of conferences, round tables, technical meetings, simultaneous events, forums thematic, presentations of reports, etc. create an atmosphere of dialogue and a fertile environment for the learning and the construction of the knowledge, in which it will prosper new and visionary ideas.

The city of Florianopolis, the Island of the Magic, and the State of Santa Catarina wait for you all. We will keep our arms open to welcome you in 2013.

Mark this date in your diary, it will be very grateful to have you with us!


Sigrid Karin Weiss DutraPresident FEBAB  José Paulo Speck PereiraPresident ACB